What your IT support provider should be doing for you – Business Minded, not Tech Minded

In the previous article, we took a look at the problems posed by traditional IT support and how it rarely meets the needs of modern businesses.

We also highlighted that traditional support is usually reactive, consisting of a team of tech minded individuals that are on hand if there is a problem. There approach is far to static and needs to be more dynamic in the modern world. Fixing problems do not allow for alignment with the organization’s future plans, the ethos you want to operate under, or the use of new tools that have the power to boost the success of your business overnight if implemented and managed correctly.

Understanding how your arrangement should work with your IT provider is imperative, it will then be easier to highlight which provider offers what they should be in order for you to have the best possible relationship with technology in regard to way you run in your business – in turn guaranteeing the most benefits to your company.

Business Minded, not Tech Minded

A good provider will approach your IT with what is in the best interest of your business individually in mind, they will be able to overcome the barriers you face daily and make your business run efficiently. We will now explore how – with a good understanding of your business alongside a good relationship with technology – this is possible


A good provider will be an expert in their field. They will – at every available opportunity – pass on their expertise to individuals in your organization allowing them to take the reigns of their own technological responsibilities, by keeping your team educated they will be to truly get the most from the IT they have at their disposal.


A good provider will find the most cost-effective method of achieving your goals with the most up-to-date and capable technology available, if it costs the world is it worth getting new IT tools at all?


Every business operates under strict time schedules – this is what allows it to be a success. Finding time to implement the new technologies can be a difficult task in the busy modern world of work, that time can be pushed even further when it comes to educating your team on using them correctly. A good provider will implement the new strategies over a period – NOT all at once! This way they can ensure that the new tools and strategies don’t overwhelm you or your workforce and also guarantee that they are as beneficial as possible when implemented.


A good provider will always be looking to the future whilst maintaining no. It is of course impossible to know everything that might happen or every single issue that could pop up – there are some issues that won’t even be seen as such by you or your team until they arise. A good provider will take the time to communicate with different departments in your organization to find bug bares which individuals may have with a particular sector or work process. Not only is this the best way to find out what really needs improving but it also makes your team feel appreciated, you will prove you are considering their concerns whilst making their workday easier, which in turn will boost their morale and productivity.

Absorb pressure

Every business owner in the world feels the pressures of running a business. A good provider will take as much of that pressure off your shoulders as possible. You – of course – will still be the deciding factor that decides whether or not an idea should be implemented or not, but they will handle the technical ‘ins and outs’ for you, enabling you to feel less pressure and concentrate on other parts of your business.

IT support traditionally covered the essential parts of your IT systems, the main goal was to simply keep the wheels turning at all costs – and there was nothing wrong with that, they key word being was. This will simply not suffice in the modern world of work. Keeping the wheels turning is still a main concern of providers but with the way IT is designed these days that is often achieved by itself. Modern IT support is centered around the single most important part of every business all around the world – the employees. Yes, the customers, money, and schedules are all important, but your employees are the single most important element to the success of your organization, they are the key to maintaining business and the high standards that you pride yourself in. If your team are provided with the correct tools and trained on how to use them effectively the rest of the factors take care of themselves.

Your IT support should bring the future to your business, Now!

A strategy lead approach

A lot of IT providers advertise themselves as a ‘proactive’ provider with ‘the best service available’ and of course you believe their claims because they talk the talk and why wouldn’t they walk the walk? Most of the time these are lies! They will often just sit back and gladly receive your money every month from your plan whilst hoping that you won’t ring, and they have to do some actual work.

Technology makes it possible to achieve so much in the modern world. You and your IT provider should work out a strategy together that best fits the way you do business. Your competition are more than likely using technology to its full potential and already have a good strategy in place – you don’t want to be left behind!

Roadmapping your technological strategy

For those that don’t know, a Roadmap is simply a plan for the future of your IT. Businesses in the past used to only speak to their IT support when an issue occurs meaning that most don’t even know that a Roadmap is an option. In the modern world it is highly beneficial to have a Roadmap. By creating a plan of action to onboard new technological solutions you can align different sectors of your business – like IT, operations executives, software engineers, and even sales teams – to be sure they are all achieving the most possible with their workday whilst simultaneously working in unison toward the same goal.

Guaranteed compliance

The modern world is built around compliance. Traditional reactive IT support ran compliance risks for organisations – the potential legal ramifications of this could be disastrous, in fact, depending on the extent of the breach of rules, it could be business-defining.

As we have already stated, a modern IT specialist will know the sector in which your organization operates and learn your business inside and out. They will spend time learning what keeps the team working efficiently, and the regulations you must operate under. A good IT support specialist will guarantee that they are up to date with regulation changes and will adapt your tech accordingly to guarantee compliance.

Your teams experience with IT

Your employees are the most important ingredient to your business’ success.

In the past your team were not even a consideration in your IT providers decisions surrounding your business – in the modern world that simply isn’t acceptable. There is no way your team can get the most from their time at work when the tools provided are simply not up to scratch, it is as simple as asking their opinion – often they are the best people to ask, after all they do use the tools every day.

IT support from the right provider will enable your team to work more efficiently and in turn help the organization to succeed now – and into the future.

IT Support the right way

By trusting us with your IT needs we can guarantee that your organization is ready to succeed in the modern digital workplace. Our experience in working with small businesses in Ontario and the Great Toronto Area allows us to ensure that you can increase revenue, secure your data, and always operate at peak performance in the most secure way possible. All these abilities can be achieved at the very highest standard. Contact us now to find out what else we can do to improve your IT landscape and bring you even more benefits from your IT going forward.

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