Do you need Managed Services for Mac Computer Support in Toronto?

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If your business uses Mac desktops, you may feel left out in the cold when it comes to IT support.  With Macs computers occupying just a 14% share of Canada’s computing market, the majority of MSPs do indeed focus their offering on Windows users, which makes finding an IT provider who caters to Macs slightly more challenging.

Despite the continued dominance of Windows both domestically and globally, data suggest Apple is slowly gaining ground on its Seattle-based rival, with its global share of the desktop market increasing from 7.95% to 14.64% between 2013 and 2022.  More and more businesses are opting for Macs when refreshing hardware, and with the recent upsurge in remote working, an increasing number of employees are using their own Mac devices for work purposes as part of BYOD (bring your own device) schemes.  

Since 2007, VBS IT services have been offering comprehensive, proactive support to Mac users across the greater Toronto area.   We’ve born witness to the increasing popularity of Macs over the years, and have taken great pleasure in helping our clients get the most out of these stable and beautifully built machines.

What are the benefits of managed support for Macs?

Our Mac-focused managed IT support offers exactly the same benefits as support for Windows machines…

  • Reduced Downtime.  Real-time monitoring of Mac desktops ensures vulnerabilities and errors can be corrected before they’re allowed to escalate to occurrences of downtime.
  • Robust Security.  Proactive patch management guarantees the integrity of Mac-hosted software, and managed threat detection offers further protection for your cherished Apple devices.
  • Scalable, flexible and cost effective support.  Our support plans can be tailored to your unique setup, with the ability to scale-up or scale-down support in line with the demands of your business.  Predictable billing makes it easy to budget for IT spending, and we pride ourselves on the value of our managed service offering.
  • Freedom to focus on your priorities.  We’ll shoulder the burden of monitoring and maintain your fleet of Macs, so that you can focus on running your business…with optimised IT that helps you achieve your objectives.

Is managed support necessary for Mac devices? Aren’t they immune to cyber attacks?

No, the idea that Macs are somehow less susceptible to cyber threats is a common misconception, that misinterprets the situation.  The truth is that hackings attempts targeting the macOS operating system are less common than those targeting windows.  This is simply due to the fact that Windows hacks are more lucrative simply thanks to the ubiquity of Windows machines: more potential victims means a greater chance of success.

While Apple’s UNIX-derived operating systems are marginally more difficult to compromise than their Windows counterparts, like Windows machines, Macs offer limited native protection against:

  • User-initiated cyber breaches.  The majority of data breaches are end-user initiated, with many attributable to poor account hygiene and an inability to spot phishing attempts.  Without the appropriate measure in place, a Mac is just as likely to be afflicted by a user-initiated breach as a windows PC.
  • Loss, theft or physical compromise.  Macs are just as likely to be lost, stolen or physically damaged as windows PCs, and it could even be argued that Macs are a more attractive target for thieves due to their high residual value.  It’s important therefore to back up your mac devices, apply password protection, and even consider device encryption for MacBooks.

Additionally, as Macs become more common in the workplace there will most likely be a corresponding rise in attacks targeting the macOS operating system.  In fact, the “2020 State of Malware Report” from Malwarebytes found that in 2019 Mac endpoint devices encountered an average of 11 malware threats compared to just 4.8 in the previous year. The report also noted a significant rise in the prolificity of Mac threats, with 2019 seeing a 400% increase compared to 2018, dispelling the notion that Mac users needn’t worry about cyber security. 

In Conclusion….

  • Due to their relative scarcity, Macs are often neglected by managed service providers.
  • Macs are becoming more common in the workplace, and that trend looks set to continue. 
  • Macs are only marginally less susceptible to cyber threats than windows PCs, but many threats, such as those triggered by end users, pose a significant threat to businesses using both Macs and PCs.
  • At present, the overall volume of threats targeting Macs remains lower than for Windows machines, but concerning data suggests Mac threats are becoming more widespread. 

Are you a small business in Toronto seeking fully-managed support for your Mac endpoints?  Get in touch with VBS IT Services today.

VBS IT services offers a comprehensive range of IT services, providing proactive, responsive and secure support for both Windows and macOS machines.  From our strategic location near the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve been helping small businesses across the region unlock their productivity potential with managed IT services focused on maximum uptime, optimised performance and watertight data security.

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