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Secure, high-performance cloud server solutions customized to your needs

App Server

Whether you need a secure, high-performance server to build and host your own applications or to host apps that are maintained by a third-party developer, VBS IT Services has you covered.

Database Server

To succeed in a data-driven business world, you need a secure, reliable server to host the high volume of sensitive and confidential data you handle and optimize your daily operations, and that’s what VBS delivers.

Remote Desktop Server

VBS’s Remote Desktop Server will help you achieve increased desktop performance and stronger cybersecurity protocols while giving your workforce the flexibility to work remotely.

QuickBooks, Sage, PCLaw Server

These secure server solutions will allow you to easily manage your business files and data while maximizing your operational efficiency.

Backup Server

Whether fires, floods, or cyberattacks threaten your business data, VBS’s secure, enterprise-grade backup serve will keep all of your data safe and help you resume work fast, with your client trust intact.

IoT Server

Our IoT server allows easy, efficient data collection and improves your operations with active triggers and data visualization tools.

Customized Server

VBS understands that every business has unique needs and goals, so talk to us about yours and our skilled IT experts will deliver a secure, always-available server that is customized to support your current and future growth.

The differences between cloud server and physical on-premises server

Cloud Server On-Premises Server


Low costs on all fronts
Cloud servers are cheaper to acquire, maintain, and replace than physical servers.
On-premises servers have high upfront costs, have higher maintenance costs, and need to be replaced regularly.


Guaranteed uptime
Our servers have a 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
Downtime is inevitable
Physical servers are prone to downtime and no amount of preparation and maintenance can prevent this.


Cheap and easy to scale
Update or downgrade at any time. It is a flexible, fast, and seamless process.
Complicated and expensive
When it’s time for you to scale, purchasing, installing, and testing your new hardware and software will be resources-demanding.


Our multilocation data servers allow us to offer redundancy as an integrated part of our plans so you don’t have to pay extra for it.
Huge investment
Setting up a redundancy system demands high investment in labor, infrastructure, technology, and maintenance.

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