FortiVoice IP Phone Systems

Capacity 1 – 400 users

Looking for a powerful phone system that can grow with your business and save you money? Look no further.

FortiVoice (previously TalkSwitch) is the original all-in-one hybrid IP PBX office phone system for small business. Packed with amazing features, FortiVoice systems improve your image, save you money and keep you connected everywhere. With FortiVoice, you connect the way you choose. Our systems work with VoIP (Voice over IP) and the traditional telephone network, and you can choose IP or standard analog telephones. FortiVoice IP PBX business phone systems let you work the way you want to.

Why buy from us?

Your success is our success. Let us show you how a phone system can help your business improve communication between customers, suppliers, and staff. A FortiVoice phone system will reduce wait times, improve call processing, reduce costs and make your organization more competitive. We are telecommunication and voice over IP ( VoIP ) experts with more than 20 years experience.

As a FortiVoice Partner, we know how to leverage the built in features to save you money and improve your business communications. We sell, install, train and offer ongoing support maintenance service to keep your FortiVoice phone system investment always working up to date with your ever changing needs. If you're a small business looking to use technology to grow, we want to talk to you. Contact us for free advice.

Reasons to Love FortiVoice Telephone Systems

UNBEATABLE VALUE: Great systems, small prices - compare the cost of FortiVoice to other systems on the market and you'll see.

RICH FEATURES: Voicemail, auto attendants, voicemail to email, follow me, remote extensions, dial-by-name directory, call routing. And much more. FortiVoice comes complete with the kind of sophisticated features that users of big business PBX phone systems take for granted.

OPTIONAL VoIP: Need Voice over IP? Multi-location integration? No problem; small business VoIP is here.

REMOTE EXTENSIONS: Your work doesn't stop at the walls of your office. Neither does FortiVoice. You can add your cell phones or any other telephones, anywhere, as remote extensions of your system. FortiVoice uniquely connects your mobile and teleworkers.

EASY SET-UP: Unlike other telephone systems, FortiVoice is easy to install, saving you time and money; you can even do it yourself. And with its easily configured settings, moving employees or changing the way your phone system handles calls is a snap.

FLEXIBLE GROWTH: FortiVoice has a modular architecture that lets you grow when you need to and add VoIP when you want to. Designed to maintain your investment as you grow, FortiVoice covers from 1-400 users per location.

Hear the difference: exceptional IP phones

FortiVoice FON-350i, FON-450i and FON-550i

These powerful IP phones will take your business to the next level. With outstanding audio quality and the perfect combination of sophistication and high usability, these phones are the business tool you can't do without.

Hear the difference. these handsets feature clear sound with less white noise and fewer artifacts. And have amazing speakerphones with crisp, loud and clean audio.

More and better appearance/feature keys. In addition to their excellent audio performance, these phones drastically improve the user experience, with big, bright multicolor LED buttons you can configure for line/extension appearance or feature keys, six on the FON-350i, ten on the FON-450i and a whopping 22 on the FON-550i. The FON-450i and FON-550i are both expandable, with 46 LED keys on the FON-550i.

The FON-350i: is a powerful business workhorse that fits a wide range of users. It punches above its weight class with rich features and excellent sound. Headset support.

The FON-450i: is a premium easy to use phone with 10 programmable buttons and superior audio quality speaker phone. Also available is the FF-50e expansion unit, which adds 24 LED programmable appearance keys (total 34 keys). Headset support.

The FON-550i: is a premium phone for power users, with advanced expansion and connection options that are unique in the FortiVoice line. Also available is the FF-50e expansion unit, which adds 24 LED programmable appearance keys (total 46 keys). Headset support.

*FON-550i with FF-50e expansion unit (sold separately)

Headset support

The FON-350i, FON-450i and FON-550i phones all work with standard amplified wired or wireless headsets manufactured by Plantronics, Jabra, and others. Click on the picture below to see more about headsets and phone accessories.

FortiVoice Console Software

See more. Know more. Do more.

FortiVoice Console gives you the power to see and control your calls right on your PC. It's a whole new set of superpowers for your phone. With pricing at $399* per site license (unlimited users per site), it's not just a tool for a receptionist. Everyone can benifit!

Who should use it?

The Console is a must for receptionists, sales, customer service, help desk, dispatching and service departments. This software application is worth it's weight in gold. It will help your organization reduce customer wait times, improve productivity, reduce call handling times, and increase customer care volumes. Your customers will appreciate it too because they'll get the information they need faster and be served quicker.

The bottom line is, FortiVoice Console software will help your business improve productivity, customer service and your bottom line.


See your calls: you get caller ID, number, duration and status and whether a call is internal, inbound or outbound. Hold/unhold with a mouse click.

See availability: see the status of everyone (on the phone or available), so you can tell your caller if they wish to hold or be transfered to voice mail. Or if it's an important call, use the built in instant message to alert your collegue and receive a response of when they'll be available.

Manage queues and parked calls: see the calls lined up for you, answer the important ones first and transfer the rest to someone else. View and grab calls from a list of parked calls on the system.

Touch your calls: now this is power — drag and drop your calls directly to other extensions, remote extensions or ring groups, or send a call to voicemail, all without even touching your phone.

Click-to-dail: integrated phone book allows you to click to dial a contact quickly. No more fumbling for a number.

See your lines: need to monitor your lines or VoIP trunks? Choose to view line status and you'll see which are in use or ringing, and whether you're wasting money on under-used lines.

Call logging: review your inbound and outbound call details.

Unobtrusive: Concero Console can be configured to be always on top, or simply pop up at the bottom corner of your screen when a call comes in, so you can keep working and not worry about real estate on your screen.

Instant communication - get the answers you need, when you need them

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a hot prospect or customer on the phone ready to place an order, but the person you need answers from is on the phone?

With the Concero Console not only can you see your colleague's on the phone, but when you need answers or need to let them know of a hot order, you can use the instant message feature to advise them or get the information you need to finalize the order. All by instant text message without anyone leaving a call or customer hanging and waiting on hold.

FortiVoice GOLD Partner Experts

Everything you want in a phone system, professionally installed by the FortiVoice Partner experts. Call us for advise and recommendations on the perfect FortiVoice system for your business needs.

Some of our clients include: Legal and Lawyer offices, Call Centres, Professional Services, Health Care clinics and Associations, Schools and Educational centres, Accountants, Hospitality, Engineering, Dental, Insurance brokers and agents, Financial, Brokers, Marketing Firms, Credit Unions, Warehouse and Distribution, Manufacturing Industries, Real Estate offices, Transportation and more. See what our clients are saying


We service the following areas: Toronto, Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Waterloo, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Oshawa, Etobicoke, Brampton, Peel, Barrie, York region, Maple, Aurora, Newmarket , Hamilton, Kitchener , Guelph, London and surrounding areas in Ontario. Our strategic partnerships allow us to also service many major cities in Canada and United States.

FortiVoice phone system info

We can help you choose the best telecommunication solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us at 416-900-6852 or EMAIL to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

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FortiVoice makes award-winning telephone systems for small business. With tens of thousands of customers throughout North America , FortiVoice phone systems are designed for small businesses, institutions and franchises with up to 400 phones per location.

We know that in small business, every call counts. FortIvoice is loaded with powerful, flexible features that help companies sound professional and stay connected with customers, partners and suppliers. We also know that small businesses are experts in what they do, not supporting telephone systems. That's why TalkSwitch products are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to afford.

FortiVoice’s first phone system, the award-winning Concero Switchboard, was hailed as a breakthrough product by customers and analysts. Today, FortiVoice systems are even better, handling VoIP and traditional connections with analog or IP phones and an ever-growing set of powerful features.


Both the Concero and the FortiVoice systems have received rave reviews and won numerous awards, including: PC Week's Best of Show at COMDEX, three PC Computing MVP Awards, and Computer Telephony's Product of the Year. FortiVoice/TalkSwitch has won the Communications Solutions Product of the Year award (beta version), the first ever SOHObie award from Communications Convergence magazine and Communications Solutions Editor's Choice award.

In 2008, TalkSwitch/FortiVoice received the illustrious VON Innovator Award for excellence in Internet communication, a designation handed out to only 65 companies worldwide. TalkSwitch/FortiVoice was also recognized by the readers of Small Business Computing Magazine and given the award for best business VoIP product in 2008. TalkSwitch is a two-time member of the prestigious Pulver 100 list of companies having the biggest impact on the VoIP industry.