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Strong Cybersecurity Measures Begin With Your Employees, So Arm Them With The Knowledge They Need To Keep Your It Networks And Confidential Data Secure. We Are Offering One Month Of Free Cybersecurity Training To Your Employees!

Avoid Common Social Engineering Security Threats And Give Your Employees The Confidence They Need To Do Their Best Every Day Without Worrying About Looming Cyberthreats.

The Power of Humans

Humans are more than just a vulnerability; they’re a hero-in-training that just hasn’t found their superpower. Empower employees to become the superhuman firewall that your business needs. With ongoing cybersecurity awareness training that includes individual employee secure scores, so you can identify the weakest link and strengthen it.

Continuous Education Available

Annual security training is a great way to cover the basics of cybersecurity, but repetition equals retention. Ongoing education is key in a robust education program.

What can we do?

We offer an ongoing education solution – Weekly mini-security training video, monthly security newsletter, continuous phishing and dark web monitoring, an Employee Vulnerability Assessment, and more!

Sometimes, even the best cybersecurity solutions cannot protect your business from human errors

Social engineering cyberattacks are becoming more and more common because they effectively bypass your cybersecurity protocols. By targeting unwitting employees through phishing, ransomware, and spam, cybercriminals can steal your data, cause financial damage, or hold your business ransom leading to catastrophic financial losses or even bankruptcy.

Don’t fall victim to these heinous attacks and protect your employees and your data through our Cybersecurity Training. We will educate your employees by giving them the tools they need to identify cyberthreats and how to deal with them. After working with us, your team will be able to work confidently and use the knowledge they have gained from our training sessions to successfully avoid dangerous cyberattacks.

With our Cybersecurity Training, your employees will be able to deal with:


As per CIRA’s research, 44% of Canadians are reluctant to do business with firms that have suffered data breaches. Additionally, among the Statistics Canada survey respondents…

54% said that their employees were prevented from working

53% reported that resources such as desktops became inaccessible

58% suffered downtime, which averaged 23 hours per business

30% incurred extra repair or recovery costs

10% lost income

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