Recovery Time Calculator

Evaluate your recovery time and recovery point objectives

According to Cloudwards, up to 44% of respondents consider hardware or system malfunctions
to be the leading causes of data loss, and that one in three people has never backed up.


Recovery Time Objective


Recovery Point Objective



How much is on your critical business systems?


How often do you currently backup these systems?


How long does is take to initiate your recovery process?


Are you recovering data from a local network or the cloud?


How many employees would be affected if the critical systems failed?


What would be the average wage of the affected employees?

dollars per hour

What is the overhead cost per hour of the affected employees?

dollars per hour

How much revenue would be lost as a result of the system failure?

dollars per hour


Now that you realize how much downtime will cost your business, you should also know that it can be avoided.

  • Do you need help determining the best solution for business data backup?
  • Is file backup sufficient or should you consider a full image based backup?
  • Should you rely on a local only backup, cloud or hybrid cloud backup?

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