Backup Cloud Data Protection

Business data is a crucial factor of any company, especially small- and medium-sized ones. But with the constantly escalating number and sophistication of modern day cybercriminals, relying on data protection alone is no longer enough. With Backup Cloud Data Protection solutions from VBS IT Services, you can prevent crippling downtime from bringing your corporation to a screeching halt.

Through the power of cloud computing, our data backup and protection service protects and duplicates your business’s essential files and applications. We want to help you implement a business continuity plan so you can avoid the consequences -- anywhere from losing profits to closing up shop. Let us help you prepare for the worst to ensure a future with nothing but the best. We offer the following options:


Local and Cloud Backup with Instant Virtual Server Failover

VBS IT Services offers exceptional data protection with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in-transit, as well as in the cloud. Fast server failover spares your business from downtime and ensures smooth operations.

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Local and Cloud Backup with Fast Image Restore

Not only do we just back up your files, VBS IT Services also provides full server image backup, application, and even virtual server backups to ensure your business resumes operation in no time.

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