Secure, high-performance cloud server solutions, customized according to your needs

App Server

Whether you need a secure, high-performance server to build and host your own applications or to host apps that are maintained by a third-party developer, VBS IT Services has you covered.

Our powerful, reliable app server guarantees maximum security and uptime, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Database Server

To succeed in a data-driven business world, you need a secure and reliable server to host the high volume of sensitive and confidential data you handle and optimize your daily operations, and that’s what VBS delivers.

Remote Desktop Server

To stay competitive in a virtualized market, you need to maintain efficient, secure, and agile operations. VBS’s Remote Desktop Server will help you achieve that by increasing desktop performance, boosting cybersecurity, monitoring employee performance, and enabling an efficient remote workforce — all without the high costs of hardware and software investments.

Quickbooks/ Sage/ PCLaw Server

These secure, gold-standard server solutions allow you to easily and securely manage your business files and data and maximize your operational efficiency, thanks to their optimal performance and security.

Backup Server

One deciding factor for business success is how well prepared you are for the unexpected. Whether it’s fires, floods, or cyberattacks, VBS’s secure, enterprise-grade backup server will keep all your data safe and help you resume work fast, with your client trust intact.

IOT Server

With technology being the backbone of your business operations, you need a secure, optimized, and easily scalable server to host your distributed network of IoT devices. VBS’s IoT server allows easy, efficient data collection and improves your operations with active triggers and data visualization tools.

Customized Server

VBS understands that every business has unique needs and goals, so talk to us about yours and our skilled IT experts will deliver a secure, always available server that is customized to support your current and future growth.

The differences between cloud server and physical on-premises server

Hardware Failure Acquisition Cost Replacement Cost Scalability Redundancy Maintenance Cost

Cloud Server


Due to our redundant system with 10 data servers around the world, your operation never stops.

Low Fees

We already invested in building state-of-art data centers, so you don’t have to worry about large upfront purchasing costs.


Replacement costs are on us. You can just enjoy our top-tier servers that are maintained to always work at peak performance.


Update or downgrade at any time. It is a flexible, fast, and seamless process.


Our multi-location data servers allow us to offer redundancy as an integrated part of our Plans so you don’t have to pay extra for it.


We keep a 24/7/365 support team to provide any necessary maintenance on our servers at no extra cost for you.

On-premises server


Hardware failure means you need to stop your server and therefore every process and task related to it.


It requires larger upfront capital investment for hardware and installation.

At least every5 years

Depreciation and technology advancements demand new, costly server acquisition.


When it’s time for you to scale, purchasing, installing, and testing your new hardware and software will be resources-demanding.


Set up a redundancy system demands high investment in labor, infrastructure, technology, and maintenance.


Whether preventive or reactive, server maintenance comes with unpredictable costs and demands constant investment.

10 top-tier data centers

The latest technology

24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring & support

99.99% Service Level Agrement

ISO 27001 certification & GDPR compliance

35% cheaper than other cloud providers

Predictableflat- ratemonthly billing

Scale up or down your cloud servers and cost anytime you want!

Option 1

Pay as you grow

Option 2

Flat monthly rate
No bill fluctuation, no surprises!

Either way, it’s the end of ongoing maintenance and hardware replacement costs.

$5 million

What our data center partners invest in physical security per location per year


Dedicated security team monitoring your cloud so no one can get into your database

All the crucial security solutions

  • 2-factor authentication, firewall protection
  • DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attack) resistance
  • Secure VPN tunnel
  • Servers and security
  • Certification compliance (ISO 27001, GDPR)

99.99% guaranteed uptime

Redundant on every level

  • 3 internet connections (2x fiber, 1x 4G wireless) per data center
  • Multiple hardware redundancy
  • Firewall redundancy
  • Power redundancy (battery, diesel generators)

Natural disaster protection

Resistant to fires, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters


Cloud infrastructure outperforms on-premises hardware; a 24 CPU-server with your hardware may only need 14–18 CPUs in the cloud


You can scale virtual servers up or down anytime with up to 72 CPUs, 384 GB RAM, and 10 TB per disk of SSD storage per virtual server available, with access to infinite virtual servers


If you need 4 CPUs, you can order 4 CPUs, pay for 4 CPUs, and use 4 CPUs to their maximum potential


Get work done faster with high-speed, low-latency fiber connection


Easily choose to select certain files in the cloud while keeping other files on your local servers

Join the many businesses who are becoming more successful because they can focus on their customers

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