IT Security

Run your business free of advanced cyber attacks and data breaches

IT Security from VBS IT Services lets you identify and manage your endpoints security from a single, easy-to-use platform. We protect your valuable data and safeguard your staff and customers from every potential cyber threat, while keeping you compliant with EU Data Protection Regulations.

Our IT Security team detects and eliminates threats before they endanger your business’s growth.

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Works seamlessly with Bitdefender, Kaspersky, F-Secure, McAfee, Avira, Avast, AVG, ESET, Norton, Malwarebytes
Compatible with Active Directory, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

VBS IT Services’ IT security equips your IT network with:

Hassle-free deployments

Customized protection for your workstations according to your unique needs.


Simplified patch management

Patch management and updates deployment based on your preferred system settings.


Instant vulnerability reports

Easy-to-understand bird’s eye view of your organization’s vulnerabilities.


Seamless account management

Through a user-friendly dashboard that generates automatic and manual reports, letting you view details on threats and the action points that


Extensive protection

Secures all your workstations, which is especially useful if you have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.


General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

A clear risk overview of your network with our Cyber Risk Management Module to comply with the EU GDPR law.



  • Layer 1

    Advanced Web
    Scanning Engine

  • Layer 2

    Malware Detection

  • Layer 3

    Silent Vulnerability

  • Layer 4



Cryptoware Detection & Blocking

We detect and block Cryptoware, one of the biggest threats on the internet today, and protect you against nefarious ransomware strains such as TorrentLocker or CryptoLocker.

Anti-phishing Protection

We offer a constantly updated malware database, with focus on 2nd generation financial malware threats.

Internet Traffic Filtering

We proactively scan your network’s internet traffic and keep your users safe by blocking identified data leakage attempts, Zero Day exploits, and high-risk sites.

Malicious Look Up Blocker

We keep suspicious pop-ups, toolbars and other malware from infecting your computers so you’ll never be at the mercy of adware, spyware and cyber thieves again.

Shield Against Website Malware Distribution

We block infected banners and access to websites with script injections, while making sure your users still have access to legitimate websites.

Pervasive Protection

We protect all your workstations, regardless of location.


Zero Day Malware Prevention Software

Combining advanced heuristics and traffic scanning technologies, VBS IT Services’s cryptolocker prevention software safeguards your network from 2nd generation malware, including the Cryptolocker, Dridex, and Zeux strains.

Extensive and Specialized Malware Database

VBS focuses on 2nd generation threats derived from financial malware. We include an extensive and regularly enhanced malware database.

Online Banking Security

By blocking specific attack vectors, our financial malware database protects your users from being attacked as they perform financial transactions online.

Advanced Exploit Kits Protection

VBS IT Services blocks exploit kits’ access to C&C servers, rendering them useless.

Unique Credentials Protection

Our IT security solutions ensure your users’ credentials are safe by sending immediate alerts when cyber criminals attack. This allows you to keep your network and data safe.

Active Protection from Data Leakage

Our network security solutions block data exfiltration attempts, keeping your network resilient when faced with intruders.

PC Lockdown

When you’re dealing with harmful software that threatens your data and network, we’ll take immediate steps to block any communication between your network and C&C servers. That way, the infection doesn’t escalate as you devise a way to mitigate the risks.


Improved Automatic Software Patch

By automatically applying a patch once it becomes available, VBS IT Services keeps your software up-to-date and lets you focus on key security issues.

Silent Vulnerability Blocking

Our patching system is undisruptive, which means users in your network won’t experience work interruptions and systems do not slow down.

Fast, Efficient Patching System

We perform speedy updates of malware protection software across your entire network so you avoid “Zero Days” and attacks aided by high-level exploit kits.

Enhanced Patched Software

We monitor and update the following vulnerable applications for you:
Adobe Shockwave
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Flash Plugin
Adobe Air
Microsoft Silverlight
and 15+ others


Instant Vulnerability Overview

View your organization’s computer protection status conveniently and instantly. Easy-to-use dashboard gives you the option to take a quick glance or make a thorough inspection of your environment’s most important statistics and other relevant data.

Automated & Manual Reports

Plan your next step using both manual and automated reports that give you extensive insight to solve identified cyber security threats.

Easy Policy Creation & Deployment

We make customizing security policies based on your unique needs a seamless process. Our network security solutions are designed with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that’s conducive to creating, amending, and deploying cyber security software policies.

Systematic Malware Detection & Monitoring

Malware detection is an arduous task that requires close monitoring. You need detailed reports that let you effectively plan risk mitigation and determine which issues need to be prioritized. That’s what our malware prevention software provides.

Powerful Vulnerability Intelligence

Act on key vulnerabilities and set priorities on your network based on reliable insights.

Clear Internet Traffic Reporting & Monitoring

Strengthen clients hit by dangerous online content by getting instant access to your blog internet traffic statistics.

Reliable Support

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VBS IT Services offers an intricate Threat Security Suite that
protects what other solutions can’t.

As cyber crimes become more sophisticated, individuals and businesses demand for a more robust security that guards against confidential data leakage to competitors and hackers.

VBS’ multi-layered security solution ensures your business’s critical data and computer network are always safe and out of cyber criminals’ reach.

Developed by the 19th and 20th Team Defcon CTF World Champions, our security software is used to protect international organizations from sophisticated cyber attacks, regardless of users’ location.

VBS IT Services addresses the need for comprehensive security measures that can defend users from cyber criminals’ advanced threats. We are in the frontline of hackers’ cyber terrorism, and we combat them through our rigorous defense solutions.

Failure to comply with the GDPR can mean fines of up to
4% of your company’s turnover

Avoid paying fines by protecting your data. Be proactive with your security and ensure your data is
out of harm’s way, all the time.

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