We provide cutting-edge solutions that help your teams work remotely without compromising productivity or the quality of their work


Improve your communication, collaboration, and sales even when your staff is working remotely with efficiency-boosting apps such as:

  • Cliq – a user-friendly communication platform that allows chat, voice and video calls, calendar schedules, custom-built bots, and more, all while keeping your business data secure
  • Meeting – a feature-rich web conferencing tool that lets you easily record your meetings and keep them on the cloud to share with your remote employees, while also ensuring data security with effective encryption and granular access control
  • ShowTime – a user-friendly, multi-use training platform designed for effective HR meetings and any online courses, thanks to its abilities to customize registration forms, track user engagement, hold real-time Q&A sessions, and more
  • BacktoWork – a purpose-built, feature-rich management platform that helps you resume work in the office safely and efficiently by tracking health status of your staff, managing sanitization supply requests, sharing the latest safety guidelines, and more

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Help your remote workers collaborate more effectively without straining your budget with:

  • Phone – make and receive crystal-clear audio calls on any device
  • Message – enjoy custom channels and chat rooms, share files, and easily assign tasks
  • Video – make important decisions more efficiently with HD web conferencing and seamless screen sharing capability
  • And many more efficiency-boosting, cost-cutting features

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The VBS advanced, award-winning cloud server and desktop platform will virtualize your environment, allowing your remote workers access to business systems easily without compromising data security, thanks to software that are customized to meet your needs and competitive edges such as:

  • 12 top-tier data centers
  • Latest hardware & software technology
  • 24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring & support
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement
  • Fully compliant with global standards like ISO 27001 certification & GDPR compliance
  • 35% cheaper than other cloud providers
  • Flat rate monthly billing

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Ensure your remote staff remain on the same page and deliver high-quality work from anywhere with proven productivity apps that allow easy access to files, real-time collaboration, and secure data archiving such as:

  • Microsoft Teams – collaborate more efficiently with instant messaging, secure file sharing, HD calls, and seamless integration with other tools
  • Power Platform – analyze data, automate processes, and build custom apps to meet your specific business needs quickly and efficiently
  • Microsoft Workplace Insights – improve your entire operations by using actionable insights on cross-functional collaboration, employee engagement, and operational efficiency
  • Live Events – easily broadcast business presentations to a large audience and engage them during and after each session with Q&A feature and secure recording
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager – effectively keep business mobile devices, desktops, servers, and virtual machines safe from emerging online attacks on a single platform
  • Windows Virtual Desktop – improve your efficiency and cost savings by virtualizing your environment and enjoy next-gen capabilities like multi-session and seamless integration with existing apps without the hassles of managing your infrastructure

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A suite of Google productivity tools you know and love, offering your remote workers:

  • Gmail – secure, custom business email addresses and a user-friendly interface that keeps your staff connected no matter where they are
  • Google Meet – easy-to-use, HD-quality video conferencing platform
  • Google Drive – intuitive, secure file storage platform that offers advanced search capability, real-time collaboration, and seamless synchronization across all devices
  • Google Sheets – feature-rich spreadsheet program that lets you easily analyze and organize various types of information
  • Google Docs – a smart word processor that makes creating, editing, and sharing business documents a breeze
  • Google Slides – a presentation program that allows your teams to create easy-to-understand and visually appealing presentations on any device
  • Google Calendar – a time management and scheduling tool that lets you easily schedule meetings and always stay prepared for upcoming tasks
  • Google Forms – a survey tool that allows quick, effective information collection from users on opinion polls, event registrations, and more

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Our remote work from home technology includes:

  • Cutting-edge productivity tools that streamline your operations and let your teams collaborate effectively
  • Advanced communication tools that keep you connected to your staff and clients while also reducing phone bills
  • Secure remote connectivity that enables your employees to easily and securely access internal systems and data from anywhere, on any device
  • Expert guidance on setting up a remote work policy, maintaining compliance, or implementing employee performance tracking tools
  • 24/7 help desk support, where our technicians immediately troubleshoot your IT problems and resolve them in no time

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