Remote Work From Home Technology

Maintain your workforce productivity, quality of service, and client satisfaction with professional IT
solutions and support from VBS IT Services

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Working from home is the New Normal


With countless companies across all industries going out of business and many more struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to adapt to survive, and you have to do it fast. VBS IT Services is committed to helping you acclimate quickly by providing comprehensive, cost-effective IT solutions and support that will improve your operations and collaboration no matter where your employees are, all while saving on unnecessary expenses.

Partner with us, and our specialists will implement technologies to ensure your teams can effectively collaborate on shared data without compromising its security and provide the same professional services to your clients. And as you nurture your business back to health, the VBS teams will be on standby to provide continuous support.

Our Remote Work From Home Technology includes:

  • Cutting-edge productivity tools that streamline your operations and let your teams collaborate effectively
  • Advanced communication tools that keep you connected to your staff and clients while also reducing phone bills
  • Secure remote connectivity that enables your employees to easily and securely access internal systems and data from anywhere, on any device
  • Expert guidance on setting up a remote work policy, maintaining compliance, or implementing employee performance tracking tools
  • 24/7 help desk support, where our technicians immediately troubleshoot your IT problems and resolve them in no time

Click here to download your guide with tips for working from home

How It Works

Step 1

We’ll analyse your systems and help define your technology systems goals for success

Step 2

We’ll give you a custom strategy for your business to be wildly successful

Step 3

We’ll execute the strategy so that you can see results

Join the many businesses who are becoming more successful because they can focus on their customers


Cyber Security
Consulting and Protection

VBS specialists choose and implement robust defenses for your business.


Managed IT Services

We monitor your IT infrastructure around the clock to make sure everything is running optimally.


IT Help Desk Services

We’re available all hours of the day and night to resolve your issues and address your concerns.



Our Remote Work From Home technology takes care of your IT so you can focus on the survival of your business

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