Zoho One includes cloud applications for every department in
your company at a low price: just $35 USD per month, per user


Zoho One gives your sales team a comprehensive set of tools to sell efficiently across channels, giving you the ability to control the process from lead generation to final sale.


Zoho CRM

Over 150,000 companies in 180 countries use the award-winning Zoho CRM to engage with their customers better and generate more revenue.


Achieve total control of your overall marketing strategy with Zoho One. Our suite of applications and tools enable easy marketing automation and campaign management to help you build your marketing presence and maximize the ROI of your marketing spend.



With this all-inclusive marketing automation software, you’ll easily be able to manage marketing activities across multiple channels, saving time, generating more revenue, and retaining customers longer than before.



Build a strong customer base by creating, sending, and managing email marketing messages with Campaigns. With the email editor, real-time analytics, and automation tools, you’ll reach more people and convert more leads.


Provide your customers with responsive support using Zoho One’s wide-ranging services. Your team will be able to respond to requests quickly and improve customer satisfaction in the process.



Improve the productivity of your customer service personnel and empower them with effective support tools for better service and higher customer satisfaction. Desk is a versatile support application that centralizes all your support functions in one convenient place.


Communicate more effectively using the latest unified communications tools in IT. Engage with customers on their preferred channels and communicate internally with secure solutions using Zoho One.



Our email hosting service is encrypted, secure, and ad-free. Use the control panel to configure your company’s email settings and monitor security


From project management to data access, Zoho One is an excellent platform for collaborating across various different operations and functions within your company. You’ll have access to web applications like:



This cloud-based project management tool is effective for tracking tasks and enabling your teams to work remotely, improving productivity and flexibility.



Set up web conferences and webinars easily with Meetings. Don’t miss a thing with secure, high-quality audio/video streaming that meets industry standards for security and privacy.



Workdrive creates functional online workspaces for remote work, so your employees can access and share files securely from anywhere.


Stay on top of your financial transactions with Zoho One’s extensive financial toolkit. Track expenses, tally invoices, and manage all aspects of your accounting on all-encompassing cloud platform You’ll have access to web applications like:



Automate accounting processes across the various departments of your company through Books. You’ll be able to integrate it easily into your workflows and see a real-time overview of your finances.


Not sure where to start with Zoho?

If you already use a CRM system, you are just hearing about it for the first time, or you’ve decided to adopt CRM for your business but cannot pick a solution, a professional consultation will give you clarity. Click on the button to schedule a consultation assessment at your convenience.

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How does Zoho One Contribute to Your Business?

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Business IT solutions are powerful assets that help you reach your goals, but if these solutions are not properly aligned and implemented, they can cause inefficiencies and reduce your productivity. Incompatible software and platforms lead to inefficiency and work stoppages that cost you precious time and money. However, these frustrating scenarios can be avoided by switching to Zoho One with VBS.

After an initial consultation, our expert team will customize Zoho One to fit your business, seamlessly integrate your systems onto it, then continue to provide support whenever you need it. Whether it is generating leads for your sales team or helping your HR team with new hires, Zoho One’s applications and solutions empower your employees to maximize their productivity on a secure cloud platform.


Knowledgeable Team

Thanks again for the great customer service experience you provided my company with, as well as your great knowledge in the system and most importantly your skill for being able to successfully educate my staff on the system.

Wireline Electric Inc.

Highly Responsive

The support technicians were very quick to respond to our needs and the service was brilliant. We are very pleased with our phone system and how it has been custom tailored to fit the needs of our company.

Michael Kors Co.

Reliable Technology

My greatest concern is the reliability of our phones and computers. Our systems are now fast and reliable… We now have more time to devote to our patients and our practice. We highly recommend your services to all practices whether it is dental or any other business.

Dr.Timothy M. Lee
Streetsville Dental

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