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Technology is great — when it’s working optimally, that is

When your technology is not working properly, you lose time, resources, and focus. Can you afford a 2-day disruption to your processes because of server breakdowns? How will you respond when all your sensitive information is held for ransom? Partnering with an MSP will ensure your IT infrastructure is always available and accessible.

Are your IT technicians slow to respond?

Your business runs on technology. One minute of downtime means thousands in lost productivity and revenue. So when your IT partner can’t provide prompt solutions to your IT issues, it’s time to rethink the partnership.

Is your IT guy always putting out fires?

Waiting for your IT to break and be fixed is an old, reactive approach. But we believe in proactive management to prevent IT issues from happening in the first place and avoid costly downtime.

How does Managed IT Services work?

Simply put, we proactively manage and monitor your business’s computers, servers, and network 24/7 in order to prevent downtime. From laptops to servers to crucial business software apps, we oversee all of your business’s information technology with live monitoring to make certain everything runs safely and smoothly.
At VBS IT Services, our knowledgeable and highly skilled team takes care of all your tech systems to keep them running at peak performance. To keep your IT Systems reliable, we offer:

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Are you a business with 5–60 employees looking for an IT management company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Richmond Hill, Concord, Vaughan, Markham, or Mississauga area?
If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our professionals are committed to providing you with the best IT services. We want to see your business grow beyond your expectations.

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We’ll analyze your systems and help define your technology systems goals for success
We’ll give you a custom strategy for your business to be wildly successful
We’ll quickly and seamlessly execute the strategy so that you can see results as soon as possible

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