From Dark Web scanning and ransomware protection to email encryption and security audits,
our security professionals can help keep your most important assets safe.

VBS’s Small Business Cybersecurity Consulting Services include:


Data Security

With the growing number of cyberattacks, implementing a robust data security program is now a matter of business continuity. In case you are targeted, our technicians will have protocols in place to minimize the damage and ensure that you have backup copies of your critical files.


Vulnerability Scans

Our team conducts regular scans to identify infrastructure weaknesses that cybercriminals might exploit. This includes checking for outdated operating systems and software, identifying poor password and security policies, and revealing whether your printers were setup using hackable default user credentials.


Dark Web Monitoring

Most businesses are unaware they have been hacked until it’s too late. We make sure you’re a step ahead by monitoring the dark web to check if your credentials are for sale. If they are, we will immediately notify you so you can change the compromised login access.


Phishing Protection

Phishing scams trick your employees into sending personal or company details to someone that pretends to be a reliable source. We defend your business by blocking weaponized attachments, removing suspicious links, and analyzing emails for signs of impersonation and fraud.


Ransomware Protection

A ransomware scheme works by encrypting all your files and demanding payment in exchange for access. To prevent this from happening, our engineers will scan all archived and inbound emails for suspicious links and domains, and either reject or quarantine them before enabling user access.


Email Security Encryption

Businesses send and receive sensitive information via email on a daily basis. Without encryption, your messages travel as plain text that hackers can easily intercept. We make sure your emails remain confidential by rendering the content unreadable until it reaches the recipient.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

These days, password protection alone isn’t enough. Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network with MFA technology that requires “something you know” like your password and “something you have” like your mobile device.


Active Directory and Security Audits

Active Directory (AD) stores all the credentials and permissions that your business creates. Typically, when a user resigns from a company their service IDs are kept even though their credentials no longer exist. These credentials create vulnerabilities, which is why we’ll conduct a regular review of your AD to prevent their misuse.


Web Filtering and DNS Management

Minimize your business’s online risk by limiting and monitoring your employees’ internet access. This not only guarantees that they only have access to safe content, but it also maintains their productivity by preventing them from opening sites that cause unnecessary distractions.


Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your team could unknowingly put your company at risk, whether by falling for phishing or ransomware attempts, or opening dangerous links. That’s why teaching them to be more vigilant against cyberattacks is crucial. With our guidance, they will learn best security practices and know how to spot common hacking schemes.

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