Four Tips To Keep Your Mac or PC Computer Safe From a Cyber Attack

If you do a search, you'll quickly see how much advice you can get on preventing all malware attacks or other cyber threats with your Mac or PC computer. Sometimes, all the different tricks and tips can be confusing. That's why we've taken the time to put together four basic tips that will keep your online world safe from attacks.

How to Spot and Avoid Getting a Computer Virus

Unfortunately no antivirus software can protect your computer system 100%. Antivirus is not enough. So how can you avoid viruses such as Ransomware, Crytolocker and spot Phishing scams?

Prevention starts with education and learning​ how to spot suspicious emails, websites and links.

The Benefits of an IT Audit for Your Business

Performing an IT audit is important to having a stable, efficient and successful IT infrastructure for any business. Your IT systems are in place to power your business and to set your company up for success. What an IT audit will do is give any business an in-depth analysis of their IT environment and it will give insight into what may need to be improved upon within the IT infrastructure.