Your business’s cybersecurity needs an MSP

With the prevalence of cyberattacks on companies of all sizes these days, businesses cannot afford to relegate cybersecurity to the bottom of their budget priorities. When it comes to cybersecurity, even small businesses should partner with a managed IT services provider (MSP). Here’s why it’s crucial to partner with an MSP that can implement robust […]

Prioritizing data backups with analytics

Staggering amounts of information is generated every day and many businesses would struggle to operate without their databases. In fact, experts agree that by 2020, there will be 1,700 gigabytes of data generated per person on the planet. If you’re a business that’s worried about protecting its data, analytics tools are a great place to […]

Winner of Best Managed IT Services Companies in Canada

We are honored to receive the award for Best Managed IT Services companies in Canada for the second consecutive year. Thanks to a hard-working team focused on providing the best service experience to our clients by leveraging software automation and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies we proactively manage computer systems to ensure high availability, reliability and improving employee productivity by reducing technology related frustration and stress for the organizations that we serve.

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Best Managed IT Companies in Canada Award

We WON 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada Award

The award was announced by Randal Wark as, “this award goes to a company that their acronym should stand for Very Best Service”. That was a flattering introduction.

VBS is proud to announce that we won 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada award.

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What is Managed IT Services

What exactly is Managed IT Services and how can it help your company better serve customers?

You have a busy office and your team needs access to reliable computers. But what happens when your sales or customer service people can’t use their computer to serve your customer? Waiting for a technician to fix a problem that already caused downtime and loss of productivity is costly.

Using Technology to Increase Productivity – ChannelNext Interview

Successful businesses realize the benefits of technology solutions that capitalize on efficiencies, improve productivity and help better serve customers. But which technologies are best suited and most effective for your business? Which offer the best return on investment?

The choices include everything from cloud computing, VoIP Unified Communications, CRM, Hardware, Software, Implementation and ongoing Managed IT support services.