Excellence in IT managed computer service

I applaud the team at VBS IT Services for their wonderful service and quick response. It is such a relief to have access to a team of experts that can help us with our computer and network issues 24/7. We have been working with VBS IT Services for more then 7 years now. Prior to outsourcing our IT, we used to have to deal with issues ourselves and when we were stuck, we would call a computer guy. Problems never got fully resolved and staff was always frustrated with their computers. After contracting VBS to manage our computers and network, I immediately noticed an improvement in productivity from our staff. They no longer had to worry about resolving their own issues and became much more focused on their work and servicing customers. Working with the team at VBS IT Services is a pleasure. They do a terrific job of managing our technology and they are fun to work with.

Tara S.